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Natural limestone with its specific colour and chemical composition resulting from raw material in the location of Skalka Měrotín is produced in fine-grained and ultra-fine grained version and possibly graded and delivered in grades as indicated according to ČSN 72 1217.

Our fine-grained limestone is used in following sectors.



The quality limestone we produce is used to desulphurize heating plants and thermal power stations.


In this sector, the limestone is an indispensable component of mastic asphalt and bitumen coat.


The limestone is used in rubber and plastics technologies, chemical, glass and ceramics industries, for metallurgical works and in mines.


The limestone is used as a fertiliser in agriculture.


The limestone is added to feed for cattle.


For ready-mixed plaster and mortar and as filler for ready-mixed concrete in building industry.


Specification: Following types of ultra-fine grained limestone are produced in accordance with ČSN 72 1220:

Specification of typeSievemax. retention in %Sievemax. retention in %
Limestone grained, graded     0,063-1,00 90,00
VPC VJM type No.7 0,5 10,00 0,09 40,00
VPC VJM type No.8 0,5 0,2 - 1,50 0,09 20,00
VPC VJM type No.9 0,2 0,10 0,09 5,00
VPC VJM type No.11 0,09 0,40 0,063 5,00
VPC VJM type No.12 0,063 1,00 0,04 5,00
VPC VJM type No.13     0,04 0,10
VZJM - super-fine grained limestone
    0,04 0,05
Calcium carbonate - feed material 0,5 1,50 0,09 20,00
Lime fertiliser type B 0,5 10,00 0,09 40,00

Based on the agreement with a customer, it is possible to produce grained limestone of different graining than those mentioned in the cited standard.
The moisture of grained limestone cannot exceed 1% on the day of dispatch from the supplier.

It is necessary to agree on other special requirements between the customer and the supplier. These can be bulk weight of grained limestone, ph of water extract, whiteness, determination of hydrophility ratio or increase of retention on 0,55 mm sieve to 1,5% of type No. 8 including the way of control.

Trade description: We deliver grained limestone in bulk in special railway wagon RAJ with bearing capacity of 50 - 55 tons or in road tank cars of 10 - 30 tons, packed in paper shipping sacks or filled in customer’s big bags.

Description of product packaging:
Open paper bonded flat sacks with hexagonal bottom 500x950x150 mm - 50 kg.
Valved paper bonded flat sacks with hexagonal bottom 500x630 mm - 50 kg.
Valved paper bonded flat sacks with hexagonal bottom 400x560 mm -30 kg.
PE sacks — 10 kg.